screaming in silence...

You’re probably going to read this & wonder if I truly am in love.. I believe I am and that’s the best part. Theres no rules to love.. just feelings.

I wake up knowing that I have someone who respects my wishes, who understands my thoughts.. better than I do. Who will sit there and allow me to rabbit on about anything and everything.. when hes in the mood.

Love isn’t perfect. We argue and as if you was arguing with someone else you would end up despising them. Us? Either he or I will say something funny and just like that with a flick of a light switch we’ll be back to normal. We don’t hold grudges or try to remember what we was fighting over and I love that about him because holding stuff over eachother will tear us apart. We’ve only been together for over 8 months and to some that may seem too soon to sprout the ‘l’ word but I don’t think so.

My mama always told me I would know when I was in love.. and I am.

I’m not even sure why I’m tapping this down on my phone at 4, near 5am in the morning… oh well. Ta-da.


Superhero Watercolors

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Pierce The Veil - Hold On Till May [video credit]


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